donderdag 24 januari 2013

A 800 year old yama Shimpaku shaped by Fukita-san

Fukita-san had to style the oldest tree at Shunka-en , a 800 year old shimpaku yamadori.
So i could help Fukita with removing all the old foliage, prepare raffia , wrap it on branches that needed to be bend and wire the tree and help with the shaping.

this was the tree before.

After , the position was changed to have better movement, better sight at nebari and play between lifevein and deadwood.
Many branches needed to be bend down more.
The head was made out of 2 big branches , one of them we bend down.
The first right branch had to be bend more to the front.
Fukita-san is the first apprentice of Kunio Kobayashi, he started his study when he was 16 years old, 30 years ago and now has a Bonsai garden in Sendai.
I also learn a lot techniques from him when he comes to Shunka-en to help out.
Picture of him will follow later...

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