zondag 28 februari 2010

EUK ten demo's

Some pictures of the demonstrations.

Mario's interesting lecture



Endresult of françois his demotree.



Endrseult of Marçio's demotree.

Tree before.


Mr Walkie talkie-san with the demotree and I.

EUK ten

The first Eda Uchi Kai exposition was a great succes.
It started a couple of days before the actual exposition was.
Preparing the trees at their best for exposition.
thursday and friday the club builded all the area's.
Mike Andrews(www.harukazebonsai.com)was in charge for the composition of the trees.

In the weekend the exposition started with the demo's of Márcio Meruje,François Jeker and me, and on sunday a very interesting lecture of Mario komsta.

It was a very enjoyable weekend with friends and to meet them again or meet some new friends:D.

dinsdag 2 februari 2010

Joy of Bonsai in Bath

This weekend i had contact with Dan Barton and he gave me the opportunity to give a demonstration at a major bonsai event in Bath (UK) with many international demonstrators.
There will be a great bonsai,scroll and suiseki exhibition and there will be many traders to visit.
i'm very happy with this chance.
Thank you Dan.