maandag 23 januari 2012

Thursday 8 March 2012 Will Baddeley deadwood carving workshop

Yama-Bonsai studio presents Will Baddeley deadwood workshop

When? Thursday 8 March 2012
Where? Belgium

For more info contact me at or 0032(0)499345498

Yama-Bonsai studio presenteerd een doodhout frezen workshop met Will Baddeley

Wanneer?Donderdag 8 maart 2012
Waar?Hamont-Achel Belgie

Voor meer info neem contact op via of 0032(0)499345498

Noelanders trophy

Last weekend it was Noelanders trophy,One of the best shows in Europe.
It is a weekend with quality trees , selling stands , meeting friends and lots of fun.

The quality of the trees got much better than last year,
With a juniper chinensis styled by Kimura and owned by Luis vallejo that got first prize ,Mauro's juniper chinensis itoigawa that got first prize of the kifu size and other nominated trees like simon temblett's salix( grown from cutting and styled by him , he even made the pot.) And also got the Bonsai Clubs International President's Award of Excellence.

And not to forget the great demo's of Ryan Neil , Bill Valavanis , Jorge Campos, Mauro Stemberger and Vaclav Novac.

I must say Ryan Neil really has great talent for styling Bonsai and his way of explaining and teaching made the demo very interesting.

Many thanks to Bonsai association Belgium for this great exhibition.

And last but not least many thanks to Peter warren , John Armitage and Peter snart for making this weekend worthwhile for me.You guys show what Bonsai is about.

unfortunately i didn't make pictures of this event.
But i'll ask some to post here.

dinsdag 17 januari 2012

First work of 2012

Here is a Sylvestris pine i collected in 2010 in the South of France.

The trees growed really good so it was time to work on them.

Here is the tree in 2010 just potted.

First we cleaned the tree and made deadwood of the stumps.
The first branch was cut off because the foliage was to far away and we couldn't use it in the design i wanted.
So made a jin out of it.

Much foliage was to far away so in june i need to do mekiri on this tree(this is a technique to get backbudding,In some time i will show you how to do this).

after we looked for options and we lifted the tree to the front and to the right,to get an interesting movement out of it.

This is the result.