vrijdag 25 november 2011

Awesome sylvestris

Pinus Sylvestris for sale

Hier is een selectie van enkele bomen en materiaal die ik heb.
Niet alle bomen die worden getoond zijn gewoonlijk klaar om te worden gestileerd.Onlangs verzameld yamadorimateriaal zal niet beschikbaar zijn om aan te werken of weg te halen tot zij volledig groeien in hun container.
De gezondheid van een boom is zeer belangrijk.

Klik op de foto's om te vergroten.

Voor meer foto's of info contacteer mij : yannick_bonsai@msn.com

Here is a selection of some trees and material which I have.Not all trees which are shown are ready to be styled.Recently collected yamadorimaterial will not be available to work on or take away till they grow entirely in their container.
The health of a tree is very important.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

For more foto' s or information contact me: yannick_bonsai@msn.com

Deze foto's zijn genomen in mei, zoals je ziet is er veel wortelgroei en zijn de potten al vol wortels.(dit kan je zien in mijn vorige post van de pas verpotte sylvestris die uit dezelfde groep komt)
Ze zijn 1,5 jaar geleden uitgegraven en hebben optimaal gegroeid.

These pictures are taken in mai, as you can see there is a lot of rootgrowth and are the pots allready full of roots(you can see this at my previous post of the just repotted sylvestris of the same group)
These trees are dugged out 1,5 year ago and grow very good.

woensdag 23 november 2011

Bonsai fun

A picea i did a couple of years ago.


Patricks mugo pine before.
at the top the trunk was rather straight so we made some movement in it. and made the tree more compact.
The tree was first planted on a slab, and we potted it in a trainingspot

After in search for a new beautiful pot in a few years.still much work with maturing.



dinsdag 22 november 2011

Yamadori Sylvestris

Last year i collected some yamadori Sylvestris.
It was time to put this one in a better soilmix.

just want to show you how good these yamadori growed in just one year.
the entire pot of roots.
So i cleaned the old sand and repotted them in better soilmix.

As you can see a big stump even healed and got roots in just one year.

The tree got many new fine roots.

Put the tree in a trainingspot with spagnum mos on it.
Now the tree is in the greenhouse and the needles will be sprayed with fishemulsion.

Yama Goyomatsu

I want to show you a yamadori White pine of my collection that i styled in may 2008.
The Raw-material.

So I tilted the tree to the front for a better movement and the nebari looked not bad for a pine in this position, plus you can see the start of the lifevein.

After the position was right for me, we could search for the line between dead and life,cleaning the deadwood,remove rotten wood with a iron brush on a proxxon and do some work on the deadwood to make a better movement in the trunk.
And burned the parts i worked on, it would be a shame to burn what nature made.

After the cleaning , the wiring and the styling of the tree could begin.
Some big branches had to be bend and it was only possible with a guywire.
Some branches were so stiff i had to apply some raffia.

So the styling ould begin

The endresult.

In March 2010 i gave the tree a second styling and repotted it.